Week 13: Analysis Symposium

Analysis symposia are weeks where we don’t do any additional readings or learn new approaches. Instead this week is a time for you to focus on trying out some of the techniques you were most interested in within the past couple weeks.

Before class: Individual analysis

  • Two people should do Whitney Houston, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” (1985) and two should do MGMT, “Electric Feel” (2008).
  • To help everyone out with harmonic analysis, I made a lyric sheet with lead sheet symbols.
  • For whichever song you choose, you should analyze it from a perspective informed by one of the authors we’ve recently read in the Traditional Theory unit.
  • Sometime before Wednesday, you should send a one page outline to the other person doing your song, so they get some advance idea of what you are talking about. Agree on a deadline together between the two of you.

Wednesday in class

During our Webex meeting, we’ll have a discussion on each of these videos. We’ll begin our discussion of each song by listening to the song, then having each person who analyzed that song give an informal summary of the interesting things they uncovered (~5 minutes; this won’t be timed, but just as a guideline).

We will spend time discussing each song on its own as well as making connections between the two songs.